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Bug#637840: pu: package git/1:

tag 637840 + moreinfo

On Sun, 2011-08-14 at 19:33 -0500, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> 1. Upstream's maint-1.7.2 branch gets very few changes, but there have
> been a few since was released:

Thanks for working on this, and apologies for not getting back to you

>  - fix off-by-one bug that makes git read past the end of a buffer
>    when extracting the first line from an empty commit message (and
>    include an extra line when the first line is blank)

It's annoying how many different places that particular task was
performed in. :-/  (I realise one of the points of the change is to
consolidate the functionality).

Also, revert-* is a confusing name for patches.  It took me a short
while to realise that they were patches to "git revert", not reversions
of other patches.  Maybe that's just me though. :-)

>  - fast-import: accept no-op "feature notes" command for frontends
>    use to declare they require an importer able to write notes.
> Of those, the fast-import change probably seems iffy (since it does
> not fix a critical bug) but I would prefer to include it to match
> upstream.

I did think "hmmm" at this change, yeah.  Am I correct that the current
behaviour is that the import simply fails, and leaves the tree in an
indeterminate state?

> 3. git-daemon-run.postrm purge: always terminate logging process more
> aggressively so the logging user can be removed and the package
> purged when a connection is active (also thanks to dkg, Bug#627314).

What's the effect on the process using the connection when it's forcibly
terminated?  Lost log data?



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