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Re: Stable update for python-recaptcha

OoO Pendant  le repas du dimanche  04 septembre 2011,  vers 19:56, "Adam
D. Barratt" <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> disait :

>> I did not get an answer on this. Is it OK to upload to stable-proposed-updates?

> I managed to miss it the first time; in future, if you could file such
> requests in the BTS (reportbug will generate an appropriately
> user-tagged report) that would be appreciated, as it avoids such
> occurrences and allows us to transparently track discussion of the
> update and its current state (approved, uploaded, ...).

There is  no such  indication in the  developer's reference  which still
mentions to send an email here. I will file a wishlist item for this.
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