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Re: Upcoming Point Releases

On Sun, 2011-09-11 at 23:59 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-09-07 at 21:30 +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > we finally got target dates for the next point releases of both Lenny
> > and Squeeze.  Lenny should get 5.0.9 on October 1st; Squeeze will follow
> > on October 8th with 6.0.3.
> > 
> > NEW for Lenny will be closed on the weekend of September 24th; NEW for
> > Squeeze on the weekend of October 1st.
> > 
> > The upload of debian-installer for Lenny should happen on the closing
> > weekend at the latest; the middle of week 38 would be appreciated, so
> > that we have everything together on the 24th.
> > 
> > For Squeeze it would be cool to have the kernel in for testing end of
> > next week (16/17th).  The d-i upload should be there the middle of week
> > 39, October 1st at the latest.
> [...]
> I believe we're now ready to do the kernel update, having got most of
> the security fixes done separately.  I'm going to start a build now and
> intend to upload tomorrow unless I hear any objection to this (or I find
> a problem myself).

I also intend to upload an updated firmware-nonfree package (version

  * Add VIA VT6656 firmware for use with vt6656 driver

In Linux 2.6.32 this driver had embedded firmware; we removed that and
did not build the driver.  In linux-2.6 version 2.6.32-31 (point release
6.0.1) we updated the driver to support external firmware and started
building it.

  * Add Realtek RTL8105E-1 and RTL8168E-1/2/3 firmware for use with r8169

Some of the new chips supported by the updated r8169 driver in linux-2.6
version 2.6.32-36 should have these firmware patches.


Ben Hutchings
If you seem to know what you are doing, you'll be given more to do.

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