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Re: Upcoming Point Releases

On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 09:30:50PM +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Hi,
> we finally got target dates for the next point releases of both Lenny
> and Squeeze.  Lenny should get 5.0.9 on October 1st; Squeeze will follow
> on October 8th with 6.0.3.
> NEW for Lenny will be closed on the weekend of September 24th; NEW for
> Squeeze on the weekend of October 1st.
> The upload of debian-installer for Lenny should happen on the closing
> weekend at the latest; the middle of week 38 would be appreciated, so
> that we have everything together on the 24th.

We have a lenny security update about ready to release (just waiting
on a couple builds). I've merged those changes into the lenny branch and
I can upload an o-p-u build tomorrow (which I'll do, barring any
objection). This should allow for a d-i upload before the weekend. I
don't think a d-i upload is strictly necessary - we haven't added any
hardware support since the last point release - but it is probably
a good idea given the large number of changes since the last update.

> For Squeeze it would be cool to have the kernel in for testing end of
> next week (16/17th).  The d-i upload should be there the middle of week
> 39, October 1st at the latest.
> base-files can be uploaded now, as it will be held in NEW until closing
> time anyway.
> Kind regards and thanks for your efforts
> Philipp Kern

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