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Bug#637384: pu: package lintian/2.4.3+squeeze1

On Tue, 2011-08-16 at 21:07 +0100, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
>  .gitignore                                            |    7 -----
>  t/tests/shared-libs-la-files/debian/_python_module.la |   12 ---------
>  t/tests/shared-libs-la-files/debian/kio_locate.la     |   15 -----------
>  t/tests/shared-libs-la-files/debian/trailing-slash.la |   12 ---------
>  testset/filenames/debian/.be/dummy                    |    1 
> The first isn't a huge problem, as it shouldn't really be in the source
> package anyway; the others are a little more annoying.  I know that in
> later versions of the package the issue with the .la files has been
> worked around by shipping them using another extension and then renaming
> them back, but for the purposes of stable could I trouble you to prepare
> an updated package using debian/source/options to force the files to be
> included and send a copy of the diff to the bug?


fwiw, I've (finally) marked the original upload for rejection at the
next dinstall until we get the above issues sorted.  You mentioned on
IRC that there were some other issues which had arisen which you thought
would be suitable for inclusion in a new upload.  If that's still the
case, are those issues fixed in unstable already?



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