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2ème Démarque? encore + de Petits Prix A saisir à partir de 3? seulement + 1 Cadeau ! De 40% à 50% sur les Marques de Sport ! Dernière Démarque: jusqu'à -70%... Programme d?été : gagner, discuter? [LCFC] templates://myphpmoney/{templates} adonthell-data 0.3.4.cvs.20050903-4 MIGRATED to testing bfr 1.6-1 MIGRATED to testing bgoffice 3.0-8 MIGRATED to testing bgoffice_3.0-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED bombermaze_0.6.6-19_amd64.changes ACCEPTED bongo_20070203-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#102006: Please Review....good news Bug#102006: Thanks, we are ready to work with you Bug#102006: Weekly Special Bug#105666: Why 105666 will not go away soon. Bug#111266: do you have a phone? Bug#111266: Weekly Special Bug#128326: SOFTWARE SUITE Bug#128326: Weekly Special Bug#133086: WINDOWS 3.1 Bug#133170: freetype1 deprecation Bug#147733: Job418 Bug#147733: Please Review....good news Bug#147733: Weekly Special Bug#153039: marked as done (libgnome-dev: rebuild with newer libdb-dev) Bug#166994: Info and Changing ownership Bug#175153: Job offerB132 Bug#175153: Weekly Special Bug#178794: is it you? cecilia here Bug#178794: Weekly Special Bug#180398: marked as done (Don't hardcore which zip tool to use) Bug#190630: Weekly Special Bug#199570: marked as done (xawtv: xawtv does not unmute sound on exit) Bug#202133: marked as done (radio: lots of small bugfixes) Bug#203473: marked as done (segfaults on hello world and basic CPAN examples) Bug#207666: marked as done (sanduhr: New version available) Bug#20977: Weekly Sale Newsletter Bug#219993: marked as done (gtksee: segfaults on long filenames) Bug#234703: marked as done (gtksee: fast exit from viewer window) Bug#280495: marked as done (wmacpi: GUI stands still/nI need to redisplay manually to see actual battery status.) Bug#283934: marked as done (Gtksee: No shortcut for menu bar) Bug#284713: marked as done (gtksee: When Started, always in displays content of / instead invoked directory) Bug#288450: marked as done (libzap1: Please add a watchfile) Bug#290173: marked as done (Improper copyright file) Bug#293546: marked as done (wmacpi just display a black box) Bug#309164: marked as done (gnome-libs: Please use a newer version of Berkeley DB) Bug#311819: marked as done (f-prot-installer: should provide --quiet mode which reports errors only) Bug#312998: marked as done (INTL:vi) Bug#312999: marked as done (myphpmoney) Bug#31501: marked as done (delivery lossage with file table overflow) Bug#318201: fixed Bug#321387: marked as done (f-prot-installer: postinst script shouldn't have wget with passive-ftp option) Bug#323540: ilisp: fails also with emacs22, now in testing Bug#3319: marked as done (deliver does not set exit codes as expected by sendmail) Bug#3319: Weekly Special Bug#340321: marked as done (gtksee ignores even arguments in command line) Bug#344311: marked as done (libmxml-dev: the man documentation makes the developer write bug?) Bug#349741: marked as done (fpm: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation) Bug#354340: marked as done (f-prot-installer: update-f-prot fails if /usr is mounted read-only) Bug#357500: fixed Bug#360269: fixed Bug#364722: marked as done (f-prot-installer defaults to loading updates when establishing a ppp connection) Bug#369803: marked as done (Memory leaks in v4l plugins) Bug#370506: marked as done (gtksee is broken) Bug#372177: marked as done (f-prot-installer: no f-prot.conf.5.gz in manpath) Bug#374626: marked as done (streamer: exits when recording oss audio) Bug#381761: marked as done (tidev-modules-source: update-modules deprecated) Bug#383194: marked as done (fbtv does not work correctly on radeonfb) Bug#38567: Weekly Special Bug#388015: marked as done (groach: redundand "\" in manual page breaks formatting) Bug#388897: marked as done (f-prot-installer: [annoying_notes] Abuse of debconf note(s)) Bug#392397: marked as done (ships architecture-dependent files in /usr/share) Bug#393522: marked as done (centericq: segfaults when login to MSN) Bug#397118: marked as done (gv can't open files whose name begins with "-") Bug#400362: fixed Bug#404873: fixed Bug#404896: fixed Bug#407547: fixed Bug#408135: marked as done (f-prot-installer: no longer available -- installation fails) Bug#408406: marked as done (glibc malloc checker can abort deliver resulting in bounced mail) Bug#408473: marked as done (gv: some postscript files appear as blank) Bug#409116: marked as done (f-prot-installer: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages) Bug#411104: marked as done (ITA: libperlmenu-perl -- Menu and Template (curses-based) UI for Perl) Bug#411469: marked as done (f-prot-installer: virus updates not longer downloadable; deb package available) Bug#411930: gdk-imlib11: All fallbacks failed on illegal file Bug#414082: tagging 414082 Bug#414133: marked as done (plotmtv: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD: changing your hack is needed) Bug#414942: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation) Bug#415100: marked as done (nbio: FTBFS on GNU/k*BSD: missing OS detection) Bug#415593: marked as done (wmmemload: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD: missing OS detection) Bug#415597: marked as done (wmmemmon: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD: missing OS detection) Bug#418285: marked as done (f-prot-installer: Update failed: No such directory `pub/linux'.) Bug#418290: a small patch for liboaf-dev Bug#418322: package is orphaned Bug#418754: marked as done (flyspray: Minor errors in debconf template) Bug#419220: marked as done (f-prot-installer: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation) Bug#419675: I agree, this needs a kernel code fix Bug#419675: Please disregard last message Bug#422605: marked as done (FTBFS: debian/ line 78: /usr/bin/gcjh: No such file or directory) Bug#422681: fixed Bug#423333: marked as done (libnewt-perl: should this package be removed?) Bug#423712: marked as done (wmacpi 2.1-6 always redraws X window) Bug#424101: marked as done (xracer: FTBFS if built twice in a row) Bug#424654: marked as done (centericq: links to libcurl4-openssl) Bug#424799: myphpmoney: affected by php4-removal Bug#425780: fixed Bug#426668: marked as done (FLAC 1.1.4 is coming, library transition imminent) Bug#427275: camstream Bug#427275: marked as done (camstream: FTBFS: video_def.h:2:27: error: linux/linkage.h: No such file or directory) Bug#427635: Noise on the screen makes xawtv unusable Bug#427747: marked as done (kwave - FTBFS: error: conversion from 'FLAC__StreamDecoderInitStatus' to non-scalar type 'FLAC::Decoder::Stream::State' requested) Bug#428138: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation for debconf messages) Bug#428296: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation ) Bug#428439: marked as done ([l10n] Updated Czech translation of myphpmoney debconf messages) Bug#428878: marked as done (phpmymoney: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update) Bug#428916: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation) Bug#428917: marked as done (myphpmoney: Minor errors in Debconf template) Bug#428977: fixed Bug#428980: marked as done (phpmymoney: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update) Bug#429025: libgnome-dev +libsvn-dev = problems Bug#429107: fixed Bug#429698: marked as done (wmacpi: new upstream URL) Bug#430079: 'scantv -h': Segmentation fault Bug#430289: marked as done (klineakconfig always segfaults on D810) Bug#430940: Bug#430940: Reproducable Bug#431037: marked as done (xracer: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation) Bug#431199: marked as done (kwave - FTBFS: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type 'FlacDecoder') Bug#431309: marked as done (xracer: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation) Bug#431309: xracer: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation Bug#431441: apt-spy: Check a random subset of servers with -e n option Bug#431521: depends on non-essential package ucf in postrm Bug#431521: marked as done (depends on non-essential package ucf in postrm) Bug#431695: marked as done (myphpmoney: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates and debian/control review) Bug#431695: myphpmoney: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates and debian/control review Bug#431695: myphpmoney: General update after the debconf review process Bug#431762: marked as done (xracer: [INTL:de] initial German po file translation) Bug#431762: xracer: [INTL:de] initial German po file translation Bug#431764: marked as done (xracer: Old FSF adress in programm output) Bug#431764: xracer: Old FSF adress in programm output Bug#431779: reassign 431779 to vflib3, found 431779 in 3.6.13.dfsg-1 Bug#431779: tex-guy: freetype1 deprecation Bug#431781: vflib3: freetype1 deprecation Bug#431782: vflib2: freetype1 deprecation Bug#431784: pike7.6-image: freetype1 deprecation Bug#431856: piuparts test: fails to install: xargs: /usr/lib/oo2c/ooconfig: No such file or directory Bug#431982: [INTL: ar] Debconf Arabic Template Translation Bug#431982: marked as done ([INTL: ar] Debconf Arabic Template Translation) Bug#432008: flac123: CVE-2007-3507: stack-based buffer overflow Bug#432008: marked as done (flac123: CVE-2007-3507: stack-based buffer overflow) Bug#432009: artwiz-cursor: preinst fails: No alternatives for x-cursor-theme. Bug#432010: artwiz-cursor update failed Bug#432187: marked as done (xracer: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages) Bug#432187: Revised xracer translation Bug#432187: xracer: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages Bug#432304: /usr/share/doc/stunnel4/ gzipped in the package Bug#432313: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:eu] Basque debconf translation) Bug#432313: myphpmoney: [INTL:eu] Basque debconf translation Bug#432380: fixed Bug#432392: noffle -u group1 group2... Bug#432430: tilp: FTBFS: unmet build dep tidev-modules-source Bug#432431: tiemu: FTBFS: unmet build dep tidev-modules-source Bug#432443: FTBFS: unmet build dep tidev-modules-source Bug#432443: libticalcs4: FTBFS: unmet build dep tidev-modules-source Bug#432444: libticables3: FTBFS: unmet build dep tidev-modules-source Bug#432592: apt-spy: Include command line used to generate source.list Bug#432699: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update) Bug#432699: myphpmoney: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update Bug#432769: gtk2-engines-wonderland: engine missing on several architectures Bug#432932: metasend: Slightly exploitable MIME type setting Bug#432960: gnome-print: not binNMU safe Bug#432960: marked as done (gnome-print: not binNMU safe) Bug#433016: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation) Bug#433016: myphpmoney: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation Bug#433017: marked as done (myphpmoney: Minor error in Debconf template) Bug#433017: myphpmoney: Minor error in Debconf template Bug#433094: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation) Bug#433094: myphpmoney: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation Bug#433283: marked as done (toshset: FTBFS: Versioned Build-Depends on linux-kernel-headers) Bug#433283: toshset: FTBFS: Versioned Build-Depends on linux-kernel-headers Bug#433403: libgnomeprint15: Uninstallable: binNMUd. Bug#433403: marked as done (libgnomeprint15: Uninstallable: binNMUd.) Bug#433473: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update) Bug#433473: myphpmoney: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update Bug#433512: marked as done (myphpmoney2: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation for debconf messages) Bug#433537: libglade0 in Unstable depends on libglib1.2 instead of libglib1.2ldbl Bug#433661: latest tix release Bug#433661: tix: New release available from Sourceforge? Bug#433683: libcorba-orbit-perl: empty package on alpha [sudo and $PWD] Bug#433958: uuenpipe command does not correctly escape spaces Bug#433994: [l10n] Updated Czech translation of myphpmoney debconf messages Bug#433994: marked as done ([l10n] Updated Czech translation of myphpmoney debconf messages) Bug#434021: trr19: please prefer emacs22 Bug#434024: bongo: please prefer emacs22 Bug#434024: marked as done (bongo: please prefer emacs22) Bug#434061: flyspray : [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages Bug#434165: must not depend on makedev Bug#434192: traffic-vis : [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages Bug#434265: marked as done (myphpmoney: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation) Bug#434265: myphpmoney: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation Bug#434330: [INTL:gl] Galician debconf template translation for myphpmoney Bug#434330: marked as done ([INTL:gl] Galician debconf template translation for myphpmoney) Bug#434347: marked as done (The wrong link is created!) Bug#434347: The wrong link is created! Bug#434457: Pydance crashes. Bug#434566: seem to be a dependency of acpi-support Bug#434581: pike7.6: FTBFS on hurd-i386 Bug#434593: FTBFS: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lccvt Bug#434593: marked as done (FTBFS: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lccvt) Bug#434923: tramp: please prefer emacs22 Bug#435048: Package d4x doesn't start properly. Bug#435201: htdig: cron.daily script fails noisily when package is not installed Bug#435242: rundig: don't force "initial" database rebuild on every run Bug#435316: /etc/cron.daily/htdig: line 3: lockfile-create: command not found Bug#435421: myphpmoney: can't install, remove or purge Bug#435425: myphpmoney: database is not been removed Bug#55468: Weekly Special Bug#70097: marked as done (Adding values to listboxes doesn't trigger refresh) Bug#94175: Weekly Special camstream on free bsd camstream_0.26.3+dfsg-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED camstream_0.26.3+dfsg-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED cdrw-taper_0.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED cmap-adobe-cns1_0+20040609-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED cmap-adobe-gb1_0+20030802-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED cmap-adobe-japan1_0+20060504-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED cmap-adobe-japan2_0+20020208-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED cmap-adobe-korea1_0+20020208-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED datefudge 1.13 MIGRATED to testing datefudge_1.13_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: dmalloc override disparity ecawave 1:0.6.1-11 MIGRATED to testing fdflush_1.0.1.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED ffingerd_1.28-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED flac123 0.0.9-5 MIGRATED to testing flac123 REMOVED from testing flac123_0.0.11-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED flac123_0.0.11-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED flyspray 0.9.8-13 MIGRATED to testing flyspray_0.9.8-13_i386.changes ACCEPTED fpm_0.60-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED freetype1 1.4pre.20050518-1 MIGRATED to testing freetype1_1.4pre.20050518-1_ia64.changes ACCEPTED gagne le Relooking Complet de ta Chambre en 1 seul clic! giftui 0.4.1-9 MIGRATED to testing giftui_0.4.1-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gngb 20040115-4 MIGRATED to testing gnome-breakout_0.5.2-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-12_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gnome-libs 1.4.2-36 MIGRATED to testing gnome-libs_1.4.2-36_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnome-print override disparity gnome-print_0.37-14_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gnomermind_1.0.1-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gringotts_1.2.8+1.2.9pre1-15_i386.changes ACCEPTED groach_0.4.0-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED gs-afpl REMOVED from testing gs-cjk-resource_1.20021122-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gtk2-engines-wonderland_1.0-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED hlfl_0.60.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED ibwebadmin REMOVED from testing icecream 1.2-2 MIGRATED to testing icecream_1.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED imlib override disparity imlib_1.9.15-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED imlib_1.9.15-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED kforth 1:1.3.1-2 MIGRATED to testing kforth_1.3.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED klineakconfig 0.9-6 MIGRATED to testing klineakconfig_0.9-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED ksimus-boolean 0.3.6-12 MIGRATED to testing ksimus-datarecorder 0.3.6-12 MIGRATED to testing ksimus-floatingpoint 0.3.6-12 MIGRATED to testing kwave_0.7.7-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache-authznetldap-perl REMOVED from testing libapache-miniwiki-perl REMOVED from testing libapache-mod-auth-mysql REMOVED from testing libc-scan-perl 0.74-8 MIGRATED to testing libc-scan-perl_0.74-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED libcorba-orbit-perl REMOVED from testing libdata-flow-perl 0.05-6 MIGRATED to testing libdata-flow-perl_0.05-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED libgringotts_1.2.1-11_i386.changes ACCEPTED libquota-perl 1.4.9-3 MIGRATED to testing libquota-perl_1.4.9-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED libvncserver REMOVED from testing libwhisker-perl override disparity libwhisker-perl_1.8-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Livraison Gratuite sur les Nouvelles Collections ! mctools-lite REMOVED from testing myphpmoney_1.3RC3+dfsg-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED nikto_1.35-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED njbtools REMOVED from testing oleo 1.99.16-9 MIGRATED to testing openggsn_0.84-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED orgadoc 0.8-6 MIGRATED to testing pcproxy REMOVED from testing plotmtv_1.4.4t-10_amd64.changes ACCEPTED pmidi_1.6.0-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed (with 1 errors): Re: libgnome-dev +libsvn-dev = problems Processed (with 2 errors): a small patch for liboaf-dev Processed: 'scantv -h': Segmentation fault Processed: Bug 431037 change severity to minor Processed: Change submitter email address Processed: closing 427598 Processed: fixed 228793 in 3.0+pre3-2 Processed: freetype1 deprecation Processed: Info and Changing ownership Processed: ITA: libqt-perl -- Perl bindings for the Qt library Processed: merge 435201 435316 Processed: Re: Bug#427598: toshutils: FTBFS: hotkey.c:89:19: error: asm/io.h: No such file or directory Processed: Re: Bug#433283: toshset: FTBFS: Versioned Build-Depends on linux-kernel-headers Processed: Re: Bug#433512: myphpmoney2: [INTL:pt] Updated Portuguese translation for debconf messages Processed: Re: Bug#434750: emifreq: Close button of about window does not work Processed: Re: Noise on the screen makes xawtv unusable Processed: reassign 417908 to libgnomevfs2-0 Processed: reassign 425157 to wnpp, retitle 399255 to ITA: adduser-ng -- Add and remove users and groups ... Processed: reassign 431779 to vflib3, found 431779 in 3.6.13.dfsg-1 Processed: Removed Processed: setting package to xracer xracer-tools, tagging 392397, tagging 424101, tagging 431037 ... ... ... ... ... Processed: submitter 166335, submitter 149575 Processed: tag 433683 wontfix Processed: tagging 414082 Processed: tagging 424449, tagging 428997, tagging 402165, tagging 427308, tagging 422825, tagging 423962 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Processed: tagging 430713 Processed: tagging 431099, severity of 431099 is important Processed: tagging 431324, severity of 431411 is important, tagging 431199 Processed: tagging 432443, tagging 432444 Processed: unmerge 131282 and 130802, because the are different Processing of bgoffice_3.0-8_i386.changes Processing of bombermaze_0.6.6-19_amd64.changes Processing of bongo_20070203-3_i386.changes Processing of camstream_0.26.3+dfsg-3_i386.changes Processing of camstream_0.26.3+dfsg-4_i386.changes Processing of cdrw-taper_0.4-2_i386.changes Processing of cmap-adobe-cns1_0+20040609-5_i386.changes Processing of cmap-adobe-gb1_0+20030802-6_i386.changes Processing of cmap-adobe-japan1_0+20060504-3_i386.changes Processing of cmap-adobe-japan2_0+20020208-2_i386.changes Processing of cmap-adobe-korea1_0+20020208-6_i386.changes Processing of datefudge_1.13_i386.changes Processing of fdflush_1.0.1.2_i386.changes Processing of ffingerd_1.28-8_i386.changes Processing of flac123_0.0.11-1_i386.changes Processing of flac123_0.0.11-2_i386.changes Processing of flyspray_0.9.8-13_i386.changes Processing of fpm_0.60-3_i386.changes Processing of freetype1_1.4pre.20050518-1_ia64.changes Processing of gfax_0.4.2-11sarge1_i386.changes Processing of giftui_0.4.1-9_amd64.changes Processing of gnome-breakout_0.5.2-6_amd64.changes Processing of gnome-iconedit_1.2.0-12_amd64.changes Processing of gnome-libs_1.4.2-36_i386.changes Processing of gnome-print_0.37-14_amd64.changes Processing of gnomermind_1.0.1-8_amd64.changes Processing of gringotts_1.2.8+1.2.9pre1-15_i386.changes Processing of groach_0.4.0-8_amd64.changes Processing of gs-cjk-resource_1.20021122-3_i386.changes Processing of gtk2-engines-wonderland_1.0-6_amd64.changes Processing of hlfl_0.60.1-2_i386.changes Processing of icecream_1.2-2_i386.changes Processing of imlib_1.9.15-1_i386.changes Processing of imlib_1.9.15-2_i386.changes Processing of kforth_1.3.1-2_i386.changes Processing of klineakconfig_0.9-6_amd64.changes Processing of kwave_0.7.7-3_i386.changes Processing of libc-scan-perl_0.74-8_i386.changes Processing of libdata-flow-perl_0.05-6_i386.changes Processing of libgringotts_1.2.1-11_i386.changes Processing of libquota-perl_1.4.9-3_amd64.changes Processing of libwhisker-perl_1.8-2_i386.changes Processing of myphpmoney_1.3RC3+dfsg-5_i386.changes Processing of nikto_1.35-2_i386.changes Processing of openggsn_0.84-2_i386.changes Processing of plotmtv_1.4.4t-10_amd64.changes Processing of pmidi_1.6.0-3_i386.changes Processing of sanduhr_1.93-1_i386.changes Processing of scigraphica_0.8.0-10_i386.changes Processing of toshutils_2.0.1-16_i386.changes Processing of vpim_0.15-2_i386.changes Processing of wget-el_0.5.0-4_i386.changes Processing of wmmemload_0.1.6-3_amd64.changes Processing of wmmemmon_1.0.1-4_amd64.changes Processing of xli_1.17.0+20061110-1_sparc.changes Processing of yorick-doc_1.5.07-2_amd64.changes procmail-lib 1:2004.1216-1 MIGRATED to testing remstats 1.0.13a-10 MIGRATED to testing sanduhr REMOVED from testing sanduhr_1.93-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED scigraphica_0.8.0-10_i386.changes ACCEPTED simulavr MIGRATED to testing simulavr REMOVED from testing Some of your Debian packages might need attention stupid dependencies on update-inetd tcpick 0.2.1-4 MIGRATED to testing tex-guy 1.3.2-2 MIGRATED to testing toshset 1.72-5 MIGRATED to testing toshutils 2.0.1-16 MIGRATED to testing toshutils_2.0.1-16_i386.changes ACCEPTED ude 0.2.9b-3 MIGRATED to testing vpim override disparity vpim_0.15-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED wget-el_0.5.0-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED wmmemload 0.1.6-3 MIGRATED to testing wmmemload_0.1.6-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED wmmemmon 1.0.1-4 MIGRATED to testing wmmemmon_1.0.1-4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED workbone REMOVED from testing xli_1.17.0+20061110-1_sparc.changes ACCEPTED yorick-doc 1.5.07-2 MIGRATED to testing yorick-doc_1.5.07-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED The last update was on 15:11 GMT Sun Jan 01. 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