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Bug#419675: I agree, this needs a kernel code fix

I bought a Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB drive
yesterday, attached it in about 2 minutes, formatted 3
partitions (backup, opt and mymedia), moved the music
files (about 15 gig) from the internal drive in the
laptop to the Seagate, then commenced to do some
downloading with bittorrent.  After awhile I noticed I
couldn't save any files on the mymedia partition and
saw it had been remounted read-only.  That was
yesterday afternoon and I just figured out (after
numerous fsck's which deleted errors but then when
remounting the partition got error message that fsck
was required AAAARRRRGGH) to delete and remake the
journal about an hour ago.

I've put both the hacks into /etc/rc.local and have my
fingers crossed but it would be nice (and right) to
have some restart code in the kernel.

That code posted above looks interesting, maybe I'll
see if I can adapt it to my system and give it a

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