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Bug#105666: Why 105666 will not go away soon.

package gv
tags 105666 + wontfix

Some background information about this bug:

It's a consequence of too much abstraction and some limitations in X.
Scrolling lists are implemented by just having a list inside a scrolling
window. That means that there is a (virtual) window containing the whole
list[1]. This becomes a problem as windows in X have dimensions limited by
15 bits (signed short int)[2]. Though together that means only the
beginning of lists is visible.

As this is quite a low-level problem, thus I am tagging this bug
"wontfix", not because I think it should behave this way or is not
worth fixing, but because I deem it very unlikely that anyone will
find the time to write a list widget that incorporates the scrolling
anytime soon.

	Bernhard R. Link

[1] Doesn't sound bad, does it?
[2] We are still far away from displays with more than 32768, aren't we?

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