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Übersetzung von »mandatory locking« Fwd: [apple/swift] [stdlib] Rewriting native hashed collection indices (rebased) (#5291) [BTS#687338] po-debconf://firmware-nonfree/po/de.po [BTS#843765] po-debconf://open-isns/po/de.po [BTS#843766] po-debconf://refind/po/de.po [BTS#843767] po-debconf://publicfile-installer/po/de.po [BTS#843768] po-debconf://fuel-web/po/de.po [BTS#843770] po-debconf://nginx/po/de,po [BTS#843771] po-debconf://openvas-scanner/po/de.po [BTS#844564] po-debconf://congress(po/de.po [BTS#844564] po-debconf://congress/po/de.po [DONE] man://manpages-de/man4/console_ioctl.4.po (Teil 4) [DONE] po-debconf://congress(po/de.po Re: [DONE] po4a://apt/doc/po/de.po [DONE] po://cups/debian/manpage-po4a/po/de.po Fwd: [Jasonette/JASONETTE-iOS] Local JSON support related (#48) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man1/tar.1.po [RFR] man://manpages-de/man1/tar.1.po (Teil 2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man2/open.2.po (Teil 1) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man2/open.2.po (Teil 2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man2/open.2.po (Teil 3) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man2/open.2.po (Teil 4) Re: [RFR] man://manpages-de/man4/console_ioctl.4.po (Teil 2) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man4/console_ioctl.4.po (Teil 3) [RFR] man://manpages-de/man4/console_ioctl.4.po (Teil 4) [RFR] po-debconf://congress(po/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://fuel-web/po/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://nginx/po/de,po [RFR] po-debconf://open-isns/po/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://openvas-scanner/po/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://publicfile-installer/po/de.po [RFR] po-debconf://refind/po/de.po Re: [RFR] po://cups/debian/manpage-po4a/po/de.po (Teil 22) [RFR] po://cups/debian/manpage-po4a/po/de.po (Teil 23) [RFR] po://heimdal/po/heimdal_krb5/de.po E oggenc manpage, "--quality" Upload von manpages-de vor dem Freeze The last update was on 07:33 GMT Wed Jun 05. There are 81 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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