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Blackdown java plugin does not work with newest mozilla Bug#188156: ITP: libjta-java-doc -- Documentation for the JavaTM Transaction API from SunTM Bug#188157: ITP: libgnujaxp-java -- gnujaxp is a free implementation of the jaxp api Bug#188158: ITP: libjta-java -- JTA is the JavaTM Transaction API from SunTM Bug#188196: ITP: libjdbc-stdext-java -- JDBC 2.0 Optional Package from SUNTM Bug#188574: ITP: libcommons-dbcp-java -- short description Can a DD close Bug #108935: RFP: lib-resolver-java -- XML/SGML catalog support for XML Tools? Cougaar in Debian? Debian 3.0 rev1, Blackdown JDK1.3 - Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred Debian/Java documentation location problem in 'classpath-doc' dom4j Eclipse & CDT Problem Got pay per view? Re: How to package part of Java tool as binary? How to package part of Java tool as binary? (Was: Debian/Java) IBM jdk 1.3 oder höher I can't install eclipse Re: I can't install eclipse 2.1-2 Image loading Installing eclipse java sun & debian Re: java sun & debian Re: ITO: ArgoUML - UML Java modeller w/ BSD license (and it's dependencies) J2se 1.4.1 deb packages java1-compiler instead java-compiler java on ppc JMF linux support library to make animated images Looking for a sponsor for libgnujaxp-java A milestone for SableVM Debian package Re: New 1.4.1 debs out next week new eclipse 2.1 deb no j2sdk1.3 for ppc? Packager friendly classloader attempt 3 Packaging various versions The port 5001 is not open what do I need to install to open it ? jvm= ports problem Problems w/ mpkg-j2sdk vs IBM 1.4 Problem upgrading eclipse [PROPOSAL] Add some package from 'classpath' Solution for CLASSPATH Solution for CLASSPATH revisited Sponsor for a bootstrapping Java++ compiler Sun J2SDK 1.4 installation in debian way Swing and other free GUIs (KDE?) Tomcat and symlinks [was: Re: Unidentified subject!] Unidentified subject! Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages Updates to Debian Java FAQ uploaded eclipse2.1 deb in unstable Re: Using links to JAR files in WEB-INF/lib directory throws exceptions Virtual machines in Debian Where is javax.sql.*? Which JDK with tomcat? The last update was on 19:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 157 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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