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Re: Which JDK with tomcat?

/ "Alejandro Marcu" <amarcu@fi.uba.ar> wrote:
| I have the blackdown j2dsk 1.4.1 and I want to use tomcat; when I did the
| apt-get it told me:

I think you're trying to install tomcat (3.3.x), you should better
install tomcat4 (I cut some parts):

$ apt-cache show tomcat4

Package: tomcat4
Section: contrib/web
Maintainer: Stefan Gybas <sgybas@debian.org>
Architecture: all
Version: 4.1.18-1
Depends: j2re1.4 | java-virtual-machine, j2sdk1.4 | java2-compiler, libtomcat4-java (>= 4.1.18-1), ant, logrotate, adduser (>= 3.34)
Suggests: libapache2-mod-webapp | libapache-mod-jk, tomcat4-webapps, tomcat4-admin
Description: Java Servlet 2.3 engine with JSP 1.2 support
 Apache Tomcat 4.1 is the reference implementation for the Java Servlet 2.3
 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 specification from the Apache Jakarta project.

| Is it not possible to use the jdk that I have?

Yes. :-)

| Wouldn't I have problems with the 2 jdk's of different versions?

No, see update-alternatives --config java as root

Note: You can also install tomcat4, earlier versions. I think mine is
      from unstable.

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