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Re: [PROPOSAL] Add some package from 'classpath'

> > Because it's not compatible with the java-policy. The classes are not
> > in a jar file and they are not in /usr/share/java. So people should
> > put in their classpath /usr/share/classpath/glibj.zip... with all the
> > classes, not only the jta, jdbc-ext or swing.
> I agree - these should be split into the separate jar files so that e.g.
> the swing part can be used by jvms, without using the rest of classpath

Ok. Do you want these classes to be present both in the classpath .deb
and in the new .deb packages we'll be creating?

This may have implications for different versions of these classes.
Users may not upgrade all these packages at the same time so they could
have different versions in different places.

John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za>

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