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[PROPOSAL] Add some package from 'classpath'

Hi all,

Maybe you've seen I fill some ITP to get jta and jdbc in Debian. I did
package them but it's non-free stuff. After some discussion on the
classpath and classpathx-discuss lists, I learnt that these classes
were in classpath! But it's not usable for me as is.

The proposal is to have more package from classpath. IMHO the hack
would be trivial and I'd be glad to help.

With this proposal, we could have these packages in Debian main:

- libgnujta-java (java transaction api)
- libgnujdbc-stdext-java (jdbc standard extensions)
- libswing-java (YES! a free swing implementation)

I think if we can do that, some libraries can leave contrib to main!

It's my first proposal so I do not know where we go from here? A vote?
John what do you think?

Thank you for your time,

-- arnaud @ home

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