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Re: Virtual machines in Debian

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 11:02, Loïc Minier wrote:
>    I'm searching for a page summarizing functionnalities of free JVMs.
>  I'd like to find a viable alternative to Sun's JDK, that's why I'd
>  like to compare the various free virtual machines available in Debian
>  (kaffe, IBM, GNU...).
>    Right now, my google queries were unsucessful and I would be glad to
>  read about your experience with free JVM or to follow some links.

  This keeps changing, so no such page has been produced. What aspects
of the JVMs would you most like to know about? Here are the ones I know

	quite good. Latest cvs is a lot better than the version packaged for
 still quite immature, but has an excellent team behind it. Debian
packages get updated regularly and upstream are very helpful.
 Supports native compilation. I've had a few problems with gij, but some
people think it's the best. Gets better at each release.
IBM - not available in Debian (non-free?)
Blackdown, Sun  Excellent, but non-free.
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