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Re: Virtual machines in Debian

--- Loïc Minier <lool@via.ecp.fr> wrote:
>       Hey,
>    I'm searching for a page summarizing functionnalities of free JVMs.
>  I'd like to find a viable alternative to Sun's JDK, that's why I'd
>  like to compare the various free virtual machines available in Debian
>  (kaffe, IBM, GNU...).
>    Right now, my google queries were unsucessful and I would be glad to
>  read about your experience with free JVM or to follow some links.

An overview of how much of which java API the free VMs implement:

Mauve test results for some VMs using GNU Classpath:

speaking for kaffe, check out
to see what has changed in the CVS tree since 1.0.7 came out (which is in
debain), and http://www.kaffe.org/compatibility_applications.shtml for an
overview of which apps/libs work, and which don't. The information reflects the
state of the CVS version.

dalibor topic

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