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Re: ports problem

Quoting Daniel Santamaria <dmsantam@uts.edu.au>:

> hey all,
> i have written a simple java-based elevator simulator program. It uses
> ports, which i have set to numbers 2001, and 2002. I have also tried
> other ports (below 1024 of course). 
> I get "connection refused" when i initialise the app on my debian
> system. It works fine on windows machines. 
> I've ensured that it's not iptables - it is allowing everything. 
My experiences with Java apps on Debian are as follows: When you encounter a
permission problem, it's always the Java policy... Is your app allowed to make
connections to somewhere? Try using a policy file including a
java.security.AllPermission and starting the start your app with the
-Dsecurity.policy=<path/to/my/policy-file>.policy switch again.

Hope this helps


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