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Re: I can't install eclipse

* Ahmed <ahmed@baizid.org> wrote:
> Some of them depend on 2.1-3 versions of eclipse-javac, eclipse-jdt and 
> eclipse-platform.
> Where are these 2.1-3 packages to be found?

Nowhere :( This is a bug. There were unofficial versions of this
packages and the maintainer probably just forgot to change 
control back to '2.1'.

You can work around it by downloading the source (apt-get source
eclipse), cd eclipse-2.1, vi debian/control and basicly deleting all
'-3' after the eclipse package names in any 'Depends:' line.

Then do a "dpkg-buildpackage -uc -rfakeroot" and wait some time...
Afterwards you can dpkg -i the debs

Hopefully a new version will be uploaded soon...

BTW, can anybody give a nice URL/short explanations, how to make
diffs against the files in debian subdir? I would like to submit a
bugreport with patches for this (and some other things I found) and
a short look at "man diff" scared me off a bit... 


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