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Re: Debian/Java

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 07:50, Egon Willighagen wrote:
> Are there other people interested in setting up a Debian/Alioth project
> that should centralize the various Debian/Java efforts? This project would 
> involve:
I think much of this doesn't need an alioth project - it should just be
discussed on this list.

> - a dh_java program (to determine which Debian packages can fullfill imports,
>   I've go a prototype for this)
This would be nice as a tool for developers to use, but I don't think
that it should be used when building the package - Build depends cannot
be written at build time; actual dependencies found by this script would
be the same. 

> - a task for java pieces
> - or maybe even a CD image as an add on for Debian (including the Blackdown
>   stuff)
Would this go against the alioth terms of use? 
If they're not already in the main distribution, then there must be a
legal reason. 
What else would you fill a CD with other than blackdown java?

> - a Build-Java-software-on-Debian-HOWTO (including chapters like "how to use 
>   eclipse", "how to compile ProgramX with gcj", "how to run ProgramY with
>  sablevm", etc, possibly/likely to use existing FDL documentation)
Nice. But I'd prefer wrapper scripts to be written for each compiler
folowing a standard convention and linked with alternatives.

> - a project to determine/write down what is 'missing' in this Debian/Java
>   (leading to implementations solving those ommissions)
Please discuss these on this list.

> - a repository of java debian packages that are not yet in Debian
Again, if we can legally do this, why aren't they in Debian?


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