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Re: Swing and other free GUIs (KDE?)

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 11:51:28AM +0200, Thomas J. Zeeman wrote:

> There's also SWT from IBM which is used in the Eclipse-IDE. This is a
> hybrid between the two far ends used by AWT and Swing. It uses the native
> interface where available and implements the missing features. It works
> via the JNI. On Linux it uses GTK+ for the gui-libs.

We are investigating SWT at my place of work, and are very impressed so far.
Native interfaces are available for a wide range of platforms, and the UI is
much more responsive than the various pure Java toolkits.

Yesterday I was able to use all of the controls in controlexample from
Eclipse, using both gij-3.3, and compiling to native code using gcj-3.3.

Of course, this doesn't help in trying to run apps which are written to use
Swing, but SWT may be a great alternative for new applications.

 - mdz

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