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Re: [PROPOSAL] Add some package from 'classpath'

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[I do reply to Mark AND to John]

Mark Howard <mh@tildemh.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 08:51, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> > The proposal is to have more package from classpath. IMHO the hack
> > would be trivial and I'd be glad to help.
> > 
> > With this proposal, we could have these packages in Debian main:
> > 
> > - libgnujta-java (java transaction api)
> > - libgnujdbc-stdext-java (jdbc standard extensions)
> > - libswing-java (YES! a free swing implementation)
> 	How complete is libswing-java?


Package                       Good 
javax.swing:                  64.84% 
javax.swing.border:           47.85% 
javax.swing.colorchooser:     90.36% 
javax.swing.event:            96.39% 
javax.swing.filechooser:      76.81% 
javax.swing.plaf:             83.52% 
javax.swing.plaf.basic:        5.56% 
javax.swing.plaf.metal:        0.53% 
javax.swing.plaf.multi:        0% 
javax.swing.table:            58.71% 
javax.swing.text:             24.08% 
javax.swing.text.html:         1.44% 
javax.swing.text.html.parser:  2.34% 
javax.swing.text.rtf:          0% 
javax.swing.tree:             88.71% 
javax.swing.undo:             99.1% 
(but take it with care...)
> Why does this need a proposal?
> As far as I can tell, you are suggesting that parts of classpath are
> packaged. This is usually just done by filing ITPs on WNPP and then
> uploading the package. Or file RFPs if you don't want to do the work
> yourself.

$ dpkg -l classpath
ii  classpath      0.05-1         GNU Classpath - clean room standard Java lib

$ jar tvf /usr/share/classpath/glibj.zip | grep javax.swing | wc -l 

$ jar tvf /usr/share/classpath/glibj.zip | grep javax.transaction | wc -l 

$ jar tvf /usr/share/classpath/glibj.zip | grep javax.sql | wc -l 

> I fully agree with getting more parts of classpath into Debian though,
> particularly libxmlj which I need for the latest gjdoc :)

I agree with you but that's not the idea! The classes I want ARE in
classpath. And John DO package the whole classpath and it's the latest
version available. Mark, you're talking about classpathx
(eXtensions). I ITP'ed gnujaxp and I'll see if I have some times to do
libxmlj. I also would like to see the servlet api, the gnu crypto and
the mail api...

> Another major boost to java in debian would be to get ant moved to
> main - I think it's possible, but would need a little work.

Yes, I think it would be a very good idea and ant is not a unique
case! junit is not free due to swing...

John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za> wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 08:51, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Why are the classes not useable ... ?

Because it's not compatible with the java-policy. The classes are not
in a jar file and they are not in /usr/share/java. So people should
put in their classpath /usr/share/classpath/glibj.zip... with all the
classes, not only the jta, jdbc-ext or swing.

> > - libgnujta-java (java transaction api)
> > - libgnujdbc-stdext-java (jdbc standard extensions)
> > - libswing-java (YES! a free swing implementation)
> So you propose that the these new packages will be generated from the
> classpath release?

As you can see sooner in this mail, these classes are already in your
package! :-)

> The first two are just APIs (am I right?), and the second one is all
> the swing code.

The first two api's are importants to close wnpp bugs I reported last
week (#188156: ITP: libjta-java-doc, #188158: ITP: libjta-java,
#188196: ITP: libjdbc-stdext-java). They will be needed by
libcommons-dbcp-java (#188574: ITP: libcommons-dbcp-java) which is a
library that can be used in tomcat for database pooling.

I think these API's are also used in JBoss... They are available in
j2sdk1.4 (but not the 1.3 and I do not have the 1.4 on my powerpc :-( )

> I didn't think that classpath had anything close to a complete swing
> implementation. Do you just want the swing classes to be able to
> compile other packages against the swing api?

1- we can use the classpath's swing implementation to compile, that
   would be good in a lot of cases but as you said, it's half the

2- the classes are already in classpath, so why not have an 'explicit'
   swing package?

3- can we imagine debian people 'apt-get source classpath' and help
   adding patches to swing? just joking :-)

> > I think if we can do that, some libraries can leave contrib to
> > main!  :-)
> > 
> > It's my first proposal so I do not know where we go from here? A
> > vote?  John what do you think?
> I don't think we need a vote, if anyone has objections or better
> suggestions I'm sure they will tell us.

And I can help.

> John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za>

You live in Congo (Zaïre)?

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