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Re: Problem upgrading eclipse

* David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> wrote:
> error processing eclipse-xerces_4.0.7-1_all.deb 
> trying to overwrite 
> /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.apache.xerces_4.0.7/xercesImpl.jar
> which is also in package eclipse-platform.

Hm, as far as know this should not happen.

But if xerces is in there, try either apt-get remove eclipse-xerces
or, if it's *only* the 'Impl' jar (there must be at least one more
warning, if the whole xerces is in 'platform' now) dpkg -i
--force-overwrite <path to platform package>.

Anyway as far as I see there is still the RC3 in unstable and not the
final version. Wait a few days, 2.1 is underway...

Hah, gtk in unstable has the bugfix for the 100%CPU bug.


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