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Re: New 1.4.1 debs out next week

On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Stephen Zander wrote:

> Subject says it all.  I just got back from vacation so it will take me
> a few days to get everything built and yes, Jack, I'll build a new
> 1.3.1 ppc package as well.

Is there a changelog available(upstream or debian)? is buggy when calling external processes.  I have a program
that makes several pipes.  When 1.4 then forks/execs the external process, it
doesn't close all these pipes correctly.  lsof shows 0,1,2 open, plus 29, 30,
32, 34, etc.  Those higher descriptors are not closed, and this causes a
deadlock, as they are pipes.

sun 1.3, ibm 1.3, ibm 1.4 have no problems.

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