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Re: Installing eclipse

Jan Schulz said:
> That is likely due to the requirements on native gtk libs, which
> changed between 2.0 and 2.1. I have a gnome2.2 backport in my 
> sources.list and I could compile and run eclipse just fine.
I added the gnome 2.2 backport line from apt-get.org, and still have two

E: Package j2sdk1.4 has no installation candidate

This one should be irrelevant since I have a sdk1.3

E: Build-Depends dependency on eclipse cannot be satisfied because the
package kdelibs4-dev cannot be found

Another backport to woody issue since I only see this in unstable.

Hmm - I was planning on moving to testing fairly soon and I was hoping
that by moving, I would be able to knock out some of these back-port
issues.  Seems I won't knock them all out.

Not too big a deal since I can build eclipse from source just fine.

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