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Re: Adding epoch to kworkflow package to correct a wrong upstream version add make-4.4.1 to experimental Adding epoch to kworkflow package to correct a wrong upstream version Best way to handle config overrides in packages Re: Bug#1011666: need help with groff 1.23.0 (1.23.0~rc3-1 package prepared) Bug#1021292: dpkg-buildflags: Please add support for pointer authentication on arm64 Bug#1030280: general: General non-recognized errors (im novice) after the installation: drivers, battery, booting errors... Re: Bug#1032137: ITP: python-hardware -- hardware detection and classification utilities Bug#1032176: ITP: ouch - unified compression and decompression CLI Bug#1032191: ITP: django-compression-middleware -- Django middleware to compress responses using several algorithms Bug#1032211: ITP: python-outdated -- Check if a version of a PyPI package is outdated Bug#1032214: ITP: python-www-authenticate -- Parser for WWW-Authentication headers for Python 3 Bug#1032230: ITP: datalad-deprecated -- DataLad extension for phased-out functionality Bug#1032231: ITP: datalad-deprecated -- DataLad extension for phased-out functionality Bug#1032236: ITP: netatalk2 -- File server for Macintosh and Apple II clients Bug#1032269: ITP: python-sphinx-code-include -- include source code from any Sphinx project using only its import path Bug#1032290: ITP: ukui-input-gather -- Libinput event distribution service of UKUI. Bug#1032323: ITP: moulin -- A meta build system capable of building multiple images at once. Bug#1032328: ITP: python-ctranslate2 -- Optimized inference engine for OpenNMT-py and OpenNMT-tf models Bug#1032354: ITP: srcpd -- SRCP server daemon to control digital model railroads Bug#1032386: ITP: libaribcaption -- portable caption decoder / renderer for handling ARIB STD-B24 based TV broadcast captions Bug#1032440: www.d.o: please link to single html page version of developers-reference Bug#1032454: ITP: ukui-globaltheme -- Common data and settings for UKUI Global Theme Bug#1032455: ITP: kylin-process-manager -- System resources watching and cgroups management Bug#1032496: ITP: kylin-status-manager -- System status D-Bus service for UKUI Bug#1032520: ITP: libthreadar -- C++ classes for manipulating threads Bug#1032524: ITP: golang-github-gitleaks-go-gitdiff -- Go library for parsing and applying patches created by Git Bug#1032527: ITP: golang-github-bep-lazycache -- Thread-safe in-memory LRU cache with non-blocking cache priming on cache misses (Go library) Bug#1032535: ITP: golang-github-hashicorp-golang-lru-v2 -- Golang LRU cache (v2 with support for generics) Bug#1032573: ITP: golang-github-petar-dambovaliev-aho-corasick -- efficient string matching in Golang via the Aho-Corasick algorithm Bug#1032574: ITP: golang-github-fatih-semgroup -- like errgroup/waitgroup, but only runs a maximum of tasks at any time Bug#1032576: ITP: ctffind -- fast and accurate defocus estimation from electron micrographs Bug#1032606: ITP: etlcpp -- Embedded template library: a C++ template library for embedded applications Bug#1032611: ITP: sp800-90b-entropy-assessment -- Estimating the quality of a source of entropy Bug#1032650: ITP: nvme-stas -- NVMe STorage Appliance Services Bug#1032663: ITP: eludris -- A simple CLI to help you with setting up and managing your Eludris instance Bug#1032692: ITP: gitleaks -- protect and discover secrets using Gitleaks Bug#1032809: ITP: python3-cogapp -- Cog content generation tool. Small bits of computation for static files Bug#1032825: ITP: gitlike-commands -- Python module for easily creating `git`-style subcommand handling Bug#1032835: ITP: libnginx-mod-http-auth-spnego -- SPNEGO authentication module for Nginx Bug#1032926: ITP: bpftrace-mode -- simple major mode for bpftrace scripts Bug#1032981: ITP: jtreg7 -- Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform Bug#1032996: ITP: liblsl -- lsl library for multi-modal time-synched data transmission over the local network Bug#1032997: ITP: pylsl -- Python bindings for liblsl Bug#1033000: ITP: ufo-tofu -- Helper scripts for tomographic reconstruction using the ufo-core framework Bug#1033096: ITP: python-sepaxml -- python library to generate SEP XML files Bug#1033120: ITP: obs-color-monitor -- plugin for OBS Studio to monitor color balances Bug#1033149: general: debian 11 fails to hibernate when RAM usage above 7GB Bug#1033152: ITP: obs-3d-effect -- plugin for OBS Studio to add a static 3D effect to sources Bug#1033161: ITP: obs-vintage-filter -- plugin for OBS Studio to make sources black and white or sepia Bug#1033205: ITP: nanovna-saver -- data importer for NanoVNA radio networks tester devices Bug#1033248: ITP: python-onetimepad -- python library for the onetimepad algorithm Bug#1033272: ITP: libre-graph-api-cpp-qt-client -- C++/Qt Libre Graph API client Bug#1033343: ITP: libstoragedisplay-perl -- Collect and display storages on Linux machines Bug#1033345: ITP: nvitop -- An interactive NVIDIA-GPU process viewer and beyond Bug#1033361: ITP: dunamai -- dynamic versioning library and CLI Bug#1033373: ITP: tuba -- Client for Mastodon and other fediverse services Bug#1033413: ITP: profile-cleaner -- Reduces browser profile size by cleaning their sqlite databases Bug#1033605: ITP: sphinxcontrib-jquery -- extension to include jQuery on newer Sphinx releases Bug#1033735: ITP: golang-github-jellydator-ttlcache -- An in-memory cache with item expiration and generics Bug#1033736: ITP: golang-github-pkg-browser -- Package browser provides helpers to open files, readers, and urls in a browser window. Re: Bug#995189: RFH: isc-dhcp buster-10-backports: I need backported network-manager for buster ASAP. Closure of buster-backports (WAS Re: buster-10-backports: I need backported network-manager for buster ASAP.) Consultation on license documents Re: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror Re: Debian 9/stretch moved to Debian Med video conference tomorrow Sunday 2023-03-19 18:00 UTC Dependency for pre-configure script dh_auto_test: use check target instead of the test target Dropping debpkg from devscripts (in trixie) Re: An email address for drive-by bug reports? Re-enabling os-prober for live images? First quarter procurement order/enquiry Graphics card switching request Grub Password configuration during install Re: Hoping to donate/sell a Talos II motherboard Re: icc-profiles_2.2_source.changes REJECTED impossible to build bookworm xz-utils-5.4.1 with CFLAGS="-g" ITP: go-task -- A task runner / simpler Make alternative written in Go ITP: golang-github-go-task-slim-sprig -- Useful template functions for Go templates. ITP: golang-github-radovskyb-watcher -- a Go package for watching for files or directory changes without using filesystem events. ITP: golang-github-sajari-fuzzy -- Spell checking and fuzzy search suggestion written in Go Re: jessie-security, stretch-security moved to Re: MariaDB 10.11 in Bookworm - call for contributions a naive question about EOL encoding in Debian Patent Free Siri Algorithm Problem with detection of hard disks on a hub Processed: Re: Bug#1030280: general: General non-recognized errors (im novice) after the installation: drivers, battery, booting errors... Processed: reassign bug to kernel Re: Reducing allowed Vcs for packaging? src:developers-reference, call for patches, bug fixes & translations Re: Starting the weekly live images for Bookworm building again Testing of LXDE live image Unlock LUKS with login/password Work-needing packages report for Mar 10, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Mar 17, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Mar 24, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Mar 3, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Mar 31, 2023 xxcxxxxx,x,xx, Re: Yearless copyrights: what do people think? The last update was on 11:40 GMT Fri Mar 31. There are 191 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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