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Re: An email address for drive-by bug reports?

On Fri, 17 Mar 2023, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
> For an example, I’ve once spent hours trying to determine the cause of
> a particular problem I was having. Turns out tinysshd(8) from Bullseye
> has an interoperability issue with openssh-client from the same. It
> would’ve likely helped me if #1006801 were listed on
> http://bugs.debian.org/src:tinysshd .
> (I’m not entirely sure as to /why/ it got archived, TBH: it’s found in
> 20190101-1, which is still in the archive, and fixed in 20220305-1; as
> such, I’d expect it to remain open until Bullseye itself is archived.)

Bugs that are fixed in testing, unstable (and experimental) but not RC
severity (serious and above) are archived if they have been closed for
more than 28 days.

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