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Re: Grub Password configuration during install


Timothy M Butterworth <timothy.m.butterworth@gmail.com> (2023-03-04):
> Would it be possible to add a section to the installer when Grub is being
> installed and configured to configure a grub password?

I think that's supported already:

    Template: grub-installer/password
    Type: password
    # :sl2:
    _Description: GRUB password:
     The GRUB boot loader offers many powerful interactive features, which could
     be used to compromise your system if unauthorized users have access to the
     machine when it is starting up. To defend against this, you may choose a
     password which will be required before editing menu entries or entering the
     GRUB command-line interface. By default, any user will still be able to
     start any menu entry without entering the password.
     If you do not wish to set a GRUB password, leave this field blank.

Can be preseeded, or specified during an expert install. Definitely not
something that should be asked during a normal install.

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