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a naive question about EOL encoding in Debian


I am facing ^M (\r) character in the .build output file using sbuild
on my system (Sid).
For instance:

$ file timidity_2.14.0-9_amd64-2023-03-18T18:33:37Z.build
timidity_2.14.0-9_amd64-2023-03-18T18:33:37Z.build: ASCII text, with
very long lines (307), with CRLF, CR, LF line terminators

It seems to me that there are some tools not using the conventional
unix EOL (\n only) in formating their output.
So I was curious if there are:
1. a policy on this (and more generally source file and/or output encoding),
2. a way to search using Debian Code Search for possible culprits,
just to get an idea.

Many thanks,

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