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Re: Unlock LUKS with login/password

On Wed, Mar 8, 2023 at 7:08 PM Agathe Porte <debian@microjoe.org> wrote:
Hi Alexey,

2023-03-08 16:45 CET, Alexey Kuznetsov:
> Right now on a system encrypted with LUKS, the first prompt you'll see is a
> grub passphrase to unlock the device, after OS boot you see a second prompt
> for login/password. This looks redundant.
> How about bypassing the second prompt and allowing grub to handle all
> security prompts including the login/password and unlocking the LUKS at the
> same time?

I disable the login password by connecting my user automatically on my
LUKS setup. It is a few clicks away in most DEs I would guess.

Did you consider this instead of implementing what you propose?



Yes I did. I did the same on my machine. I only type passpharse and initrd have luks-key script, and gdm has autologin. But another notebook with LUKS setup has multiple users, so autologin will not work. This is not about autologin. This is about unlocking your machine LUKS with only login/password without having an additional passphrase to remember.

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