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Re: Debian 9/stretch moved to archive.debian.org

Ansgar dixit:

>the stretch, stretch-debug and stretch-proposed-updates suites have now
>also been imported on archive.debian.org. People still interested in
>these should update their sources.list.

Might be useful to note that stretch-updates should be dropped from
sources.list but has been empty on deb.d.o before anyway so that’s
a nop.

>I plan to remove the suites from the main archive in about a month
>(2023-04-23 or later).
>The stretch-backports, stretch-backports-sloppy and related debug suites
>will likely move soon as well and might be removed from the main archive
>around the same time.

Is there a rough idea about this “soon”, will it be in time before
the removal, and will there be a notification as well?

I’d rather go through changing the sources.list templates only once
if possible.

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