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Re: Hoping to donate/sell a Talos II motherboard

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, <jbranso@dismail.de> wrote:
> March 1, 2023 5:11 AM, "Toshaan Bharvani | VanTosh" <toshaan@vantosh.com> wrote:

>> Yes, please, I am interested.
>> I would use it for PowerEL, LibreBMC and LibreSOC.
>> All open source projects.
>> Is this just a board or also a CPU?
> It is just the motherboard.  :)

so someone has to spend maybe an additional...  USD... 1000?
2000? to get it into a useful state.  minimum 128 GB preferably
a lot more than that (in order to host multiple VMs),
plus SSDs / HDDs, plus a minimum 1,000 watt power supply.

> donate to the university of Oregon, whose contact is Toshaan Bharvani.

ah no.

Two SEPARATE options:

* donate to University of Oregon, whose contact is Sameer Shende,
 and if they agree they can add it to the multiple POWER9
 systems which are already available to FOSS Groups through
 the OpenPOWER Hub, have been for a few years now.

* donate to Vantosh Ltd, whose contact is Toshaan Bharvani,
 who already also hosts POWER9 systems for FOSS Projects
 (Libre-SOC in particular), and who is the maintainer of
 the PowerEL distribution.


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