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Re: Reducing allowed Vcs for packaging?

Sean Whitton wrote:
>On Sat 04 Mar 2023 at 10:58PM +01, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> On 16792 March 1977, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>>> for the contents of packages in the archive the ftp team requires that
>>> everything is in the preferred form of modification.
>> Yes. Of course.
>> But git or svn or even sccs and rcs is NOT, in any way, preferred for of
>> modification. Only one way of storage and handling some metadata.
>This is Debian's official position, but it's debateable.
>There is the preferred form for modification for an individual *file*,
>and that probably doesn't include version control.  But the preferred
>form for modifying a *project* arguably does.

I think you're *reaching* here. I know of quite a few projects where
they consider their CI setup to be an intergral part of project
development. Should we therefore declare that "preferred form of
modification" could include all of the github or gitlab

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