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Re: Debian 9/stretch moved to archive.debian.org

On Tue, 2023-03-28 at 16:24 +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Ansgar dixit:
> > I plan to remove the suites from the main archive in about a month
> > (2023-04-23 or later).
> > 
> > The stretch-backports, stretch-backports-sloppy and related debug suites
> > will likely move soon as well and might be removed from the main archive
> > around the same time.
> Is there a rough idea about this “soon”, will it be in time before
> the removal, and will there be a notification as well?

The stretch-backports* suites are now also available on
archive.debian.org; I plan to drop them from the main archive together
with stretch. (In truth the removal will likely happen step by step
over several days as the archive mirroring scripts have a check that
complains when too many files are dropped at once.)

At least I don't plan to send another mail to d-d-a@ about this.


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