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src:developers-reference, call for patches, bug fixes & translations


so I've uploaded src:developers-reference 12.17 today, marking the 17th
upload during the bookworm release cycle - and I'm not done with 
src:developers-reference and bookworm yet, though further updates will
only change the documentation itself and it's translations.

During the bullseye development cycle there were 22 uploads, during
the buster development cycle 7 uploads and for stretch there were 4.
I'm not going back further, since I hope you'll get my point already:
src:developers-reference is in active maintenance again! \o/

& many thanks to everyone who contributed to these uploads!

Still, https://bugs.debian.org/src:developers-reference lists 40 open bugs,
of which approximitly at least 23 just need 30-60min attention, probably less.
So if you're bored during the freeze, please help a bit. ;)

And please, feel free to either send a patch to any of these bugs, open
a MR on salsa or just commit and push to salsa directly if you're confident
the change is sensible. (The package is in the Debian group on salsa,
and there's a slightly more verbose README.contributing.)

And then, the five existing translations could use some updates:

Stats for de: 1276 translated messages, 45 fuzzy translations, 53 untranslated messages.
Stats for fr: 1286 translated messages, 39 fuzzy translations, 49 untranslated messages.
Stats for it: 869 translated messages, 46 fuzzy translations, 459 untranslated messages.
Stats for ja: 891 translated messages, 26 fuzzy translations, 457 untranslated messages.
Stats for ru: 870 translated messages, 44 fuzzy translations, 460 untranslated messages.

(I don't plan to add any new translations during bookworm development, except
maybe if a complete new translation pops up.)

I'd appreciate forwarding this mail to the appropriate translation mailing
lists *and* cc:ing me on those mails, so in future I can notify them myself.

Last and least, there's a single page HTML version available again, eg on
which could be linked from https://www.debian.org/doc/devel-manuals#devref
again. (I'll reply to this mail turning this paragraph into a bug report
against www.debian.org :)

Feedback very much welcome.


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