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Re: MariaDB 10.11 in Bookworm - call for contributions

(re-posting one more call for help as so far I am doing most the
packaging fixes alone)


I just uploaded mariadb 1:10.11.2-2~exp1 into experimental. If nothing
surfaces, I will upload this to Debian unstable next weekend and it
will be the final version of MariaDB in Debian Bookworm.

If you want to help polish MariaDB in Bookworm, please help by (in
order of importance):

1. Review past commits in
and post feedback/improvement suggestions on the maintainermailing
list (pkg-mysql-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org) so people can see
how many reviews happened and what they commented on.

2. Review open MRs at
about improvements that might still go into next upload, or a future

3. Review general QA system feedback at
https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/mariadb and post MRs to fix whatever
you found and want to fix yourself.

4. Review and triage/close open bug reports at

- Otto

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