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Re: Bug#1032137: ITP: python-hardware -- hardware detection and classification utilities

On 2023-02-28 15:18:33, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> * Package name    : python-hardware
>   Description     : hardware detection and classification utilities
>  Detect hardware features of a Linux systems:
>   * RAID
>   * hard drives
>   * IPMI
>   * network cards
>   * DMI infos
>   * memory settings
>   * processor features
>  .
>  Filter hardware according to hardware profiles.

Oh, this is interesting! There's very little documentation on the
upstream site, what do you plan on using this for?

It looks like a library I could very well use to rewrite stressant
into something more sane... It seems it even has benchmarks...

Thanks for any clarification!

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