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Re: An email address for drive-by bug reports?

On Mon, 2023-03-06 at 16:56 -0800, Don Armstrong wrote:

> This is my viewpoint too, and why I don't plan on implementing or
> accepting a patch to do nosubmitter unless someone can convince me
> otherwise.

The use-case presented in the thread seems reasonable to me; when you
are submitting a bug that you noticed and definitely exists (and is
easy to reproduce) but that you don't really care about.

For example some folks mass-file FTBFS or other QA bugs but don't care
about or use the individual packages. Or I might notice a typo while
looking at newly available packages or downloaded things, but if the
package isn't one I will install, I don't really care about the bug.

These bugs don't have someone we *know* definitely cares about them,
but the are still likely to affect *unknown* persons, either Debian
users or users of the upstream package on other platforms and thus
it is still reasonable that they be filed as bug reports somewhere.

Personally, I've replied to moreinfo requests on bugs for packages I
no longer use so I wouldn't use this feature, but I can see its value.



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