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Problem with detection of hard disks on a hub


I've been trying to get Openmediavault ( built on Debian ) to run on a
ThinClient Dell Wyse 7010 for a few days now.
Unfortunately, my external WD-Elements ( 4TB and 8TB ) hard drives are
not recognized.
Sie hängen an einem USB 3.0 7-fach Hub wie diesem hier :

These hard drives and the hub have already served well on my Dell
Optiplex 360, running Linux Manjaro.
So I don't know why it doesn't work on the ThinClient Dell Wyse 7010.

The only idea is that Debian does not recognize the hub because it does
not have the appropriate drivers.
Now I would be interested in how to get this hub working again, or a
hint which hub works with Debian.
I would also like to have more ports.

Many thanks in advance.

Sincerely R.Lehmeier

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