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Re: src:developers-reference, call for patches, bug fixes & translations


On Mon 06 Mar 2023 at 07:46PM GMT, Holger Levsen wrote:

> so I've uploaded src:developers-reference 12.17 today, marking the 17th
> upload during the bookworm release cycle - and I'm not done with
> src:developers-reference and bookworm yet, though further updates will
> only change the documentation itself and it's translations.
> During the bullseye development cycle there were 22 uploads, during
> the buster development cycle 7 uploads and for stretch there were 4.
> I'm not going back further, since I hope you'll get my point already:
> src:developers-reference is in active maintenance again! \o/
> & many thanks to everyone who contributed to these uploads!

Thank you for your leadership, Holger.

> And then, the five existing translations could use some updates:
> Stats for de: 1276 translated messages, 45 fuzzy translations, 53 untranslated messages.
> Stats for fr: 1286 translated messages, 39 fuzzy translations, 49 untranslated messages.
> Stats for it: 869 translated messages, 46 fuzzy translations, 459 untranslated messages.
> Stats for ja: 891 translated messages, 26 fuzzy translations, 457 untranslated messages.
> Stats for ru: 870 translated messages, 44 fuzzy translations, 460 untranslated messages.

I hope you won't mind me noting here that we'd also like to see Policy
translated.  We've got all the infra, but not too much interest in
working on it so far.

Sean Whitton

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