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Re: Re-enabling os-prober for live images?

jcc@debian.org wrote:
>Since the grub 2.06 upload, os-prober is now disabled by default. This 
>means that other operating systems are no longer detected and added to 
>grub by default in Debian 12.


>I haven't followed further on to which solution they went with, but 
>since it's so late in the development cycle, wouldn't it make sense to 
>enable os-prober for Live systems for Debian 12, and then look at some 
>of the better solutions (like only probing at install time, and keeping 
>a cached results for grub) for Debian 13?

I'm also pondering tweaking things in d-i to re-enable os-prober if
the system looks like it might have some other OS installed. Yes, I
realise that may sound odd(!), but I can see a number of users
complaining that their dual-boot system doesn't work any more... :-/

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