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Re: Starting the weekly live images for Bookworm building again

My last cross-post. Follow-up please on debian-live

Hello Steve and lists,

On 19/03/2023 16:13, Steve McIntyre wrote:
So, after some delay from me and some further delays from various
Debian machines committing suicide, I've got bookworm live builds
running again. \o/

Thanks for merging the changes.

I've taken Roland's updated patches and tweaked a little more in the
setup.git and live-setup.git repos, and we now have live builds
integrated. Changes I've added:

  * turned on source tarball generation using LB_SOURCE=true, and
    disable the external source build that we did for the older
    live-wrapper builds

That's a good way to enable the source tarballs. I haven't looked at that part of live-build for a while, so the source tarball might need some love.

  * when building on casulana, warn about archive updates rather than
    restarting builds
  * don't attempt to build i386 live images any more, they're not useful
  * tweaked logging

And an additional change to use the installer images from the repository instead of rebuilding them from git [1].
That change is now causing the missing kernel modules for d-i.

I've rebuilding the installer images from git, after the discussion in #1006800 [2], to save the d-i team from doing an upload for every single kernel bump, while bookworm was not yet in freeze. (That is a recurring issue for every release [3])

So, *builds* work fine but I've not *yet* tested actually
booting/using one of these images in any way. I've just triggered a
full build of "testing" live images now, please help test if you can
once they're in place at [2] in a couple of hours from now.
> [2] https://get.debian.org/images/weekly-live-builds/

In openQA [4] the live images that were generated by Jenkins [5]
have been tested for a while now. Now we can switch and use these new images instead of the images from Jenkins. Since both images are generated by the same script, I wouldn't expect many issues.

I don't yet know how close we are to having full non-free-firmware
integration with the live images; I expect there might be some more
work needed there yet, but I'd love to be proven wrong. :-)

This weekend I've written the missing parts, non-free-firmware images are now generated by default by live-build, and the ISO images are still bit-for-bit reproducible.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

[1] 3cef309a5cfa4758ba33480b170734133b7104b5
[2] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1006800
[3] #986506, https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2021/03/msg00166.html
[4] https://openqa.debian.net/group_overview/14
[5] https://jenkins.debian.net/view/live/

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