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-ffile-prefix-map option and reproducibility 32bit arch packages are built with wrong ownership due to fakeroot bug Re: rust-*/librust-* arch:any vs. arch:all and cross-compilation support Re: about MiniDebConf Re: automated CI on salsa to prepare MR for new upstream version Re: Bug#1011666: need help with groff 1.23.0 (1.23.0~rc3-1 package prepared) Re: Bug#1013992: ITP: session-migration -- tool to migrate in user session settings Bug#1030189: Let regular users know need to put non-free-firmware in sources.list Bug#1030199: ITP: libcatmandu-ris-perl -- Modules for handling RIS data within the Catmandu framework Bug#1030201: ITP: libcatmandu-solr-perl -- Catmandu modules for working with SOLR endpoints Bug#1030202: ITP: libcatmandu-stat-perl -- Catmandu modules for working with statistical data Bug#1030204: ITP: libcatmandu-exporter-table-perl -- Catmandu modules for exporting data in tabular MultiMarkdown Bug#1030207: ITP: libstatistics-topk-perl -- Implementation of the top-k streaming algorithm Bug#1030213: ITP: libdigest-murmurhash3-pureperl-perl -- pure perl implementation of MurmurHash3 Bug#1030214: ITP: libalgorithm-hyperloglog-perl -- implementation of the HyperLogLog cardinality estimation algorithm Bug#1030215: ITP: libcatmandu-viaf-perl -- Catmandu modules for retrieving items from VIAF authority files Bug#1030217: ITP: libcatmandu-z3950-perl -- Catmandu module for working with Z3950 data Bug#1030219: ITP: libcatmandu-fix-datahub-perl -- Catmandu utility functions and generic fixes for the Datahub project Bug#1030234: ITP: libcatmandu-zotero-perl -- Catmandu modules for working with Zotero web Bug#1030235: ITP: libdancer-plugin-catmandu-oai-perl -- OAI-PMH provider backed by a searchable Catmandu::Store Bug#1030241: ITP: mediascanner2 -- Media Scanner for Lomiri Bug#1030242: ITP: libbiblio-citation-compare-perl -- Perl extension for performing fuzzy comparisons between bibliographic citations Bug#1030245: ITP: lomiri-music-app -- Music player for Lomiri Operating Environment Bug#1030247: ITP: libtext-names-perl -- module for proper name parsing, normalization, recognition and classification Bug#1030279: ITP: hud -- Backend for the Unity/Lomiri HUD Bug#1030280: general: General non-recognized errors (im novice) after the installation: drivers, battery, booting errors... Bug#1030286: ITP: libtext-capitalize-perl -- routines for title-like formatting of strings Bug#1030291: ITP: libbiblio-counter-perl -- COUNTER Codes of Practice report processing Bug#1030294: ITP: libbiblio-document-parser-perl -- document parsing framework Bug#1030299: ITP: libperlude-perl -- shell and powershell pipes, haskell keywords mixed with the awesomeness of perl Bug#1030324: ITP: lomiri-action-api -- Lomiri Action Qt API Bug#1030361: ITP: libblkio -- library for high-performance block device I/O with support for multi-queue devices Bug#1030362: ITP: obs-source-copy -- plugin for OBS Studio to copy or save scenes, sources and filters Bug#1030368: ITP: lomiri-mediaplayer-app -- Media Player App for Lomiri Operating Environment Bug#1030388: ITP: lomiri-desktop-session -- Lomiri Desktop Session Bug#1030392: ITP: python-moddb -- python module to scrape the website Bug#1030393: ITP: morph-browser -- Web Browser for Lomiri Bug#1030397: ITP: libio-file-withfilename-perl -- filehandles that know their origin Bug#1030398: ITP: libdata-validate-type-perl -- Data type validation functions Bug#1030399: ITP: libwww-orcid-perl -- client for the ORCID 2.0 API Bug#1030479: ITP: libdata-uuid-mt-perl -- fast random UUID generator using the Mersenne Twister algorithm Bug#1030497: ITP: accounts-qml-module -- Expose the Online Accounts API to QML applications Bug#1030499: ITP: libstring-util-perl -- String processing utility functions Bug#1030505: ITP: liboauth-lite2-perl -- OAuth 2.0 Library Bug#1030509: ITP: geojson-pydantic -- Pydantic data models for GeoJSON Bug#1030515: ITP: libtext-markdowntable-perl -- write Markdown syntax tables from data Bug#1030517: ITP: libwww-zotero-perl -- Perl interface to the Zotero API Bug#1030518: ITP: python-mp-api -- Materials Project API Bug#1030520: ITP: python-emmet -- core models, data pipelines for Materials Project Bug#1030542: ITP: erlang-hex -- Package manager for the Erlang ecosystem Bug#1030561: ITP: libmath-random-mt-auto-perl -- Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs Bug#1030563: ITP: libbiblio-sici-perl -- Provides methods for assembling, parsing, manipulating and serialising SICIs Bug#1030564: ITP: ocaml-uuseg -- unicode text segmentation for OCaml Bug#1030565: ITP: libtext-undiacritic-perl -- remove diacritics from a string Bug#1030566: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-gettext-perl -- Gettext Support For the Template Toolkit Version 2 Bug#1030567: ITP: libbiblio-lcc-perl -- parse and normalize LC-style call numbers Bug#1030572: ITP: python-countrynames -- Map country names to ISO codes Bug#1030573: ITP: liblocale-xgettext-perl -- extract Strings To PO Files Bug#1030583: ITP: libbiblio-rfid-perl -- perl tools to use different RFID readers for library use Bug#1030584: ITP: lomiri-system-settings-online-accounts -- Online Accounts setup for Lomiri Bug#1030605: ITP: libffi-c-perl -- C data types for FFI Bug#1030610: ITP: python3-recipe-scrapers -- simple web scraping tool for recipe sites. Bug#1030611: ITP: obs-ashmanix-countdown -- plugin for OBS Studio to create a countdown timer Bug#1030613: ITP: libffi-platypus-type-enum-perl -- custom platypus type for dealing with C enumerated types Bug#1030616: ITP: libcode-tidyall-plugin-clangformat-perl -- run clang-format using Code::TidyAll Bug#1030639: ITP: libperl-critic-toomuchcode-perl -- perlcritic add-ons that generally check for dead code Bug#1030642: ITP: libbiblio-thesaurus-modrewrite-perl -- module to manipulate ontologies Bug#1030644: ITP: libbio-biblio-perl -- modules to access bibliographics repositories and handle citation files Bug#1030646: ITP: libbiblio-zotero-db-perl -- helper module to access the Zotero SQLite database Bug#1030647: ITP: libpath-class-uri-perl -- Serializes and deserializes Path::Class objects as file:// URI Bug#1030648: ITP: libdbix-class-tree-perl -- manipulate and anaylze tree structured data Bug#1030649: ITP: libchild-perl -- Object oriented simple interface to fork() Bug#1030650: ITP: libdbix-bulkloader-mysql-perl -- Perl extension for mysql bulk loading Bug#1030651: ITP: libdbix-class-graph-perl -- represent a graph in a relational database using DBIC Bug#1030652: ITP: libdbix-class-factory-perl -- factory-style fixtures for DBIx::Class Bug#1030668: dinstall could run more often (every hour?) Bug#1030679: ITP: liblocale-maketext-extract-dbi-perl -- extract translation keys from a database Bug#1030685: ITP: make-dynpart-mappings -- CLI tool to setup DM mappings for Android dynamic partitions Bug#1030686: ITP: libwebservice-lucene-perl -- Module to interface with the Lucene indexing webservice Bug#1030756: ITP: python-test-stages -- Run Tox, Nox, etc. tests in groups, stopping on errors Bug#1030757: ITP: python-parse-stages -- Parse a mini-language for selecting objects by tag or name Bug#1030768: ITP: repro-apk -- scripts to make android apks reproducible Bug#1030776: ITP: quickjs -- small and embeddable Javascript engine Bug#1030780: Maintainers wanted for softether-vpn Re: Bug#1030785: -ffile-prefix-map option and reproducibility Bug#1030794: ITP: libcatmandu-oai-perl -- modules for working with OAI repositories within the Catmandu framework Bug#1030800: ITP: liblido-xml-perl -- Lido XML parser and writer Bug#1030803: ITP: mdns-reflector -- lightweight and performant multicast DNS (mDNS) reflector Bug#1030835: ITP: ruff -- linter for Python, written in Rust Bug#1030841: ITP: frp -- A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet Bug#1030910: ITP: libfile-findlib-perl -- find and use a file/dir from a directory above your script file Bug#1030928: ITP: nerdctl -- nerdctl is a Docker-compatible CLI for containerd. Bug#1031002: ITP: libavtp -- Audio Video Transport Protocol (AVTP) Bug#1031029: ITP: got -- a version control system which prioritizes ease of use and simplicity Bug#1031075: ITP: libcatmandu-html-perl -- Modules for handling HTML data within the Catmandu framework Bug#1031098: ITP: gtsam -- sensor fusion using factor graphs Bug#1031099: ITP: g2o -- A General Framework for Graph Optimization Bug#1031119: ITP: libdata-session-perl -- Perl module for persistent session data management Bug#1031167: ITP: elpa-gap-mode -- modes for editing GAP programs and running a GAP session in Emacs Bug#1031168: ITP: ultimatedailywallpaper -- A wallpaper changer, downloader and manager Bug#1031215: ITP: gradience -- Gradience is a tool for customizing Libadwaita applications and the adw-gtk3 theme Bug#1031255: ITP: libmoosex-logdispatch-perl -- logging role for Moose Bug#1031280: ITP: ptex -- A texture mapping system developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for production-quality rendering. Bug#1031284: RFS: wl-mirror/0.12.2-1 [ITP] -- output-mirroring tool for wlroots-based Wayland desktops Bug#1031298: ITP: pyproject-api -- API to interact with Python pyproject.toml-based projects Bug#1031300: ITP: sphinx-argparse-cli -- Sphinx extension to render CLI arguments defined by the argparse module Bug#1031331: ITP: libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl -- plugin interface to HTML::FormatText Bug#1031340: ITP: libkysdk-system -- Kylin System Layer Developer Kit Bug#1031344: ITP: libkysdk-base -- Kylin SDK basic library Bug#1031348: ITP: libkysdk-system -- Kylin System Layer Developer Kit Bug#1031350: ITP: libkysdk-system -- Kylin System Layer Developer Kit Bug#1031504: ITP: pynormaliz -- Python bindings for LibNormaliz Bug#1031523: ITP: iqmol -- molecular builder and visualization package Bug#1031535: ITP: monitoring-plugins-check-oracle-health -- Nagios plugin check_oracle_health Re: Bug#1031548: FTBFS with ruby-jekyll-github-metadata 2.15.0 Bug#1031554: ITP: python-sphinx-jinja -- include jinja based templates in sphinx Bug#1031558: ITP: python-django-ca -- manage TLS certificate authorities and certificates Bug#1031565: ITP: nvidia-nccl -- Optimized primitives for collective multi-GPU communication Bug#1031634: ITP: gum -- A tool for glamourous shell scripts Bug#1031636: ITP: mango-kong -- Mango ( man page generator ) integration Bug#1031637: ITP: roff -- Roff lets you write roff documents in Go Bug#1031661: ITP: libkysdk-applications -- kylin SDK based on application level Bug#1031662: ITP: libkysdk-applications -- kylin SDK based on application level Bug#1031663: ITP: libmojolicious-plugin-templatetoolkit-perl -- Template Toolkit renderer plugin for Mojolicious Bug#1031665: ITP: libmojolicious-plugin-templatetoolkit-perl -- Template Toolkit renderer plugin for Mojolicious Bug#1031689: ITP: obs-scene-tree-view -- plugin for OBS Studio that adds a scene tree folder dock Bug#1031694: ITP: libxisf -- Library to load and save XISF images Re: Bug#1031701: python3-pandas: Pandas requires version '2.0.1' or newer of 'xlrd' Bug#1031723: ITP: obs-command-source -- plugin for OBS Studio providing a dummy source to execute commands Bug#1031746: ITP: libdex -- Library for deferred execution Bug#1031755: ITP: privacybrowser -- web browser that respects your privacy Bug#1031761: ITP: hipfort -- Fortran bindings for ROCm and HIP libraries Bug#1031769: ITP: oauth2-oidc-sdk -- OAuth 2.0 SDK for Java Bug#1031807: ITP: java-opensaml -- Shibboleth Project's OpenSAML java libraries Bug#1031856: ITP: python-pycrowdsec -- integration of CrowdSec with Python projects Bug#1031862: ITP: adguardhome -- Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server Bug#1031882: ITP: python-broadlink -- Python API for controlling Broadlink devices Bug#1031899: ITP: radiotray -- Radio Tray is an online radio stream player Bug#1031936: ITP: python-a2wsgi -- Convert between ASGI and WSGI apps Bug#1031972: ITP: nvidia-cudnn-frontend -- c++ wrapper for the cudnn backend API Bug#1031973: ITP: nvidia-cutlass -- CUDA Templates for Linear Algebra Subroutines Bug#1032026: ITP: heart -- Card game about avoiding having to take tricks Bug#1032030: ITP: czkawka-gui -- Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc Bug#1032033: ITP: tfk8s -- Tool for converting Kubernetes YAML manifests to Terraform HCL Bug#1032050: ITP: cryptacular -- high level, general purpose Java cryptographic library Bug#1032064: ITP: fluent-syntax -- Parser/Serializer tools for Fluent Syntax Bug#1032066: ITP: rust-image-hasher -- simple library that provides perceptual hashing and difference calculation for images Bug#1032068: ITP: rust-imagepipe -- Image processing pipeline Bug#1032069: ITP: rust-rawloader -- Image processing pipeline Bug#1032097: ITP: libpromise-xs-perl -- Fast promises in Perl Bug#1032115: ITP: unl0kr -- Lightweight On-Screen-Keyboard based on LVGL Bug#1032119: ITP: ldaptive -- simple, extensible Java API for interacting with LDAP servers Bug#1032135: ITP: ironic-python-agent -- bare metal hypervisor API for OpenStack - Python Agent Bug#1032137: ITP: python-hardware -- hardware detection and classification utilities Bug#1032143: ITP: python-pkcs11 -- high level PKCS#11 interface for Python Configuration files, local changes, and "managed section" markers Consensus on closing old bugs DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror Debian Med video conference next Sunday 2023-02-05 18:00 UTC debian stretch: disable running gvfsd by default debian support veeam An email address for drive-by bug reports? Re: Google Summer of Code participation [Not Selected] Hoping to donate/sell a Talos II motherboard how to skip some archs for autopkgtests Re: icc-profiles_2.2_source.changes REJECTED MariaDB 10.11 in Bookworm - call for contributions need GBP help with groff 1.23.0 (1.23.0~rc3-1 package prepared) Non-free-firmware changes - initial cut released! OpenMPI 5.0 to be 32-bit only ? hasn't been updated for non-free-firmware Re: Patch apply failed for 7.74 bullseye curl Patch apply failed for curl 7.74 buster Problems verifying signed github releases (Re: Q: uscan with GitHub) Processed: Re: Bug#1030189: Let regular users know need to put non-free-firmware in sources.list Reducing allowed Vcs for packaging? Re: required targets attempting internet access (was: Bug#1031548) rust-*/librust-* arch:any vs. arch:all and cross-compilation support Security (Was: OpenMPI 5.0 to be 32-bit only ?) Updating python3-xlrd for pandas 1.5 compatibility Work-needing packages report for Feb 10, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Feb 17, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Feb 24, 2023 Work-needing packages report for Feb 3, 2023 Yearless copyrights: what do people think? The last update was on 17:18 GMT Wed Jan 03. There are 366 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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