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Re: Problems verifying signed github releases (Re: Q: uscan with GitHub)

On 19.02.23 21:08, FC Stegerman wrote:
* Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> [2023-02-19 20:50]:
My upstream creates a tarball with git-archive, creates a signature and
uploads it (as described in the wiki[3]).  This used to work to verify
the github-created tarball, but fails now - while creating my own
tarball like upstream and verifying it with upstream's signature works.

The uncompressed .tar files are identical (same hashsum), just the tar.gz
differ.  Does anyone know why, and how to fix it?  I tried non-default
compression levels for gzip with git-archive, but that didn't help to get an
identical tar.gz like the one from github.

I'd like to avoid having my upstream downloading the github-created
tarball, verify&sign it and then upload this signature.

I assume you (or whatever service or tool is failing the verification
while creating a local tarball) might be seeing issues with git having
switched implementation for gzip, and a mismatch with the implementation
being used in either side. Perhaps try to set git's
tar.tar.gz.command="gzip -c" (or/and «tgz» instead of «tar.gz») to use
the external command instead of the internal implementation? Or perhaps
you are using an old git that defaults to the external gzip but upstream
uses the internal one?

I was going to suggest that might be the issue, but you were faster :)
I do have some relevant links:


(There was a recent LWN article covering this, see

That seems to be subscribers-only :(

- FC

Thank you both, that solved it!

After further digging into the details I updated the wiki to suggest:

git -c tar.tar.gz.command='gzip -cn' \
  archive --format=tar.gz --prefix="${tag}/" \
  -o "../${tag}.tar.gz" "${tag}"

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