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On Sun, Feb 26, 2023 at 07:15:45PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> What you describe is an RC bug as soon as the more recent toolchain
> becomes default, and the correct solution is to not build with -Werror. 
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror would imply that building with -Werror
> by default would be OK, but there are already too many FTBFS due
> to -Werror.

I would happily agree with all of this, but I do not see consensus on

> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=werror as standard name for an opt-in option for CI 
> builds would be a better solution.

Why would I disagree? But that's not the problem I'm trying to solve.

> >...
> > Examples:
> > * glibc adds -Werror
> >...
> glibc does not use the default gcc, which avoids most of the problems 
> you are worried about (but is not a general solution).

In a bootstrap build, glibc must be built with the toolchain that
provides libgcc-s1, so building glibc with a newer toolchain is
unavoidable. The selection of a specific toolchain is not a solution to
the -Werror problem and exactly why we are discussing it.

If glibc and nss were to drop -Werror (which was tried before), I
wouldn't be asking for an option.

The problem here specifically arises, because we do not have consensus
on -Werror being a bad idea in release builds.

However, maybe I can ask Aurelien whether we can opt out of -Werror
whenever a user specifies DEB_GCC_VERSION.


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