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Re: Updating python3-xlrd for pandas 1.5 compatibility

Hi Diane,

On 23-02-2023 08:12, Diane Trout wrote:
the version of python3-xlrd 1.2.0-3 in unstable/testing is too old to
be used with pandas 1.5.3. (See Bug #1031701).

Do I understand correctly that this isn't an issue from the point of python3-xlrd and that only pandas is effected? While investigating for this reply I noticed src:pandas doesn't even have a dependency in any of its binaries.

As it is a really common
workflow to use pandas to read excel files, it'd be nice if the version
of xlrd in bookworm was compatible.

As the maintainer of pandas, do you consider it an RC issue that pandas can't convert it? I guess not because you say "it'd be nice" and you don't even have the required dependency. How severe do you consider this issue for pandas? pandas has a quite extensive autopkgtest, doesn't it cover this use case? Apparently you knew this earlier, why do you bring this up now?

Because of the freeze I wanted to check if it was appropriate to upload
the new version,

I'd hope that the "rules" are clear: https://release.debian.org/testing/freeze_policy.html#soft. You can contact the Release Team if you need further clarification.

and what kind of warning I should give to the other

It depends. I'm worried about what you write below.

THe xlrd changelog says the biggest change in going from 1.2 to 2.0 was
they removed the ability to read the newer XML excel files .xslx from
xlrd in favor of using openpyxl

That sounds like a change that we'd normally consider inappropriate. So we'd need to balance the pain vs the gain and the additional risk of unknown delta's.

I updated the source package python-xlrd to 2.0.1 and sent it through
experimental, where there were no issues detected by packages that had
CI tests.

Indeed https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?experimental=1&package=python-xlrd is clean.

Unfortunately there's packages without tests.

Like pandas not testing for xls loading; it wasn't even scheduled as pandas has no binaries depending on python3-xlrd.

Here's the list of packages I found that have any relationship to
python-xlrd, if it looked like the autopkgtests actually tested using
the xlrd library and what the level of declared dependency is. (none
means the package lacks autopackage tests)

| nemo                 | none     | Recommends    |
| odoo-14              | none     | Depends       |
| ofxstatement-plugins | none     | Depends       |
| psychopy             | unlikely | Depends       |
| python3-agateexcel   | yes      | Depends       |
| python3-canmatrix    | no       | Recommends    |
| python3-drslib       | no       | Recommends    |
| python3-glue         | yes      | Depends       |
| python3-pyspectral   | probably | Suggests      |
| python3-rows         | unlikely | Recommends    |
| python3-tablib       | unlikely | Depends       |
| visidata             | none     | Build-Depends |
| vistrails            | none     | Build-Depends |
| python-xrt           | none     | Build-Depends |
| pyutilib             | none     | Build-Depends |

If I read everything correctly, it seems like you're too late with this change.


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