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Quoting Helmut Grohne (2023-02-24 07:19:41)
> As such, I propose a generic DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror modelled after the
> original observation, but meant to also match other checkers such as
> shellcheck. The general idea should be that a warning should that can be
> non-fatal should be non-fatal if possible.

Are there packages that run shellcheck in other places than those disabled by
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck? If yes, should running shellcheck not be moved to
there? In contrast to -Werror, shellcheck is not involved in literally building

Otherwise, other linter tools like black come to mind that also recently broke
my packages [1] when black got upgraded to 23.1.0-1 two weeks ago. But black
(like shellcheck I'd assume) is usually disabled with nocheck or by not running

In what places is shellcheck called such that it cannot or should not be moved
to a place where it could be disabled by DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck?


cheers, josch

[1] Versions of mmdebstrap and diffoscope that work with the new black in their
autopkgtest have already been uploaded to unstable and are waiting to
transition to testing so that black can transition as well. Maybe the timing of
this upload of black was a bit unfortunate this late into the freeze because
other packages are using it as part of their build process and now FTBFS. Like
another package of mine (botch) which is also fixed now and waiting:

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