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On 28.02.23 20:34, Steve Langasek wrote:
This is conceptually interesting to me.  In practice, I don't see us using
this in Ubuntu.  We have per-architecture differences from Debian (ppc64el
building with -O3 by default; riscv64 being a release architecture where it
isn't in Debian) that make it interesting to pick up on per-architecture
build failures caught by -Werror and not without.  But it's not practical to
do CI -Werror builds; when we do out-of-archive rebuilds for all
architectures, it's a significant committment of resources and each rebuild
takes about a month to complete (on the slowest archs).  And to be able to
effectively analyze build results to identify Werror-related failures with
high signal would require two parallel builds, one with and without the
flag, built against the same baseline.

That you are so resource constrained here surprises me a little. I can see that for Debian, but I'm surprised that Ubuntu is affected as well. Especially as you'd think that this could also be done within virtualization - the evaluation here is mostly around running the compiler and checking its errors, not so much about running tests accurately on real hardware.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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