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An email address for drive-by bug reports?

Should there be a standard email address for "I'm reporting this because I noticed it, but I'm not interested in it"-bug reports?

Orphaned packages get their maintainer address set to <packages@qa.debian.org>. Shouldn't something similar be available for bugs?

For example I have opened bugs years ago against packages that I do not use anymore. These reports are still valid and sometime others comment on them, but I would no longer be able to, for example, respond to `moreinfo` requests. At the same time these bugs clutter the bugs.d.o page associated to my email address.

It would be nice to have a separate email address to which these bugs could be reassigned (maybe after a minimum amount of time?).

It could be as simple as a the address of a dedicated mailing list.


Gioele Barabucci

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