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Re: icc-profiles_2.2_source.changes REJECTED

On Mon, 27 Feb 2023 at 12:22:34 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> I am not convinced, however, that this issue is a bug in lintian:
> The testcase you ask for is the actual files in the icc-profiles source
> package which already is already correctly identified by lintian.  I.e.
> issue is not that some different files get misdetected but instead that
> lintian _correctly_ identifies the files in this non-free package and
> _correctly_ classifies those as unsuitable in main

That's correct to a point, but it seems wrong for lintian to be emitting a
tag that means "this package is unsuitable for main and that's a problem"
for a package in non-free. Yes, we know it's unsuitable for main, and
the maintainer has acknowledged that by uploading it to non-free... it
doesn't seem like there is any benefit to having an unfixable Lintian
error as well.

Or if the interpretation of the tag is "you should use the copy of this
file from icc-profiles instead of shipping your own copy", then the lintian
check should have a special case to silence that tag when the package being
checked *is* icc-profiles.

There are similar special cases in other parts of Lintian. For example,
it looks for embedded code copies of zlib, but that check has a special
case to avoid it being triggered by zlib itself, because obviously zlib
should be allowed to ship zlib code; and similarly checks for a bundled
font like Deja Vu shouldn't trigger for fonts-dejavu itself.


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