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Re: Configuration files, local changes, and "managed section" markers

Marc Haber wrote...

> The "split it" approach is something that comes naturally to someone
> who has been heavily socialized in the Debian Universe because we
> handle conffiles on a file level. It feels unnatural and clumsy for
> someone who is not familiar with the deep historic reasons for us to
> do it like that.

Yeah, "socialized in the Debian Universe" applies to me - no doubt a
split (or "conf.d") is the right thing to do in a package-based
distribution, for packages that provide a service for other package.
Perhaps logrotate is a good example for that.

As you mentioned, there are limits - when the configuration file format
is complex and and cannot be easily combined from various sources. And a
few other situations as well.

Anyway, my initial question was of a different kind: Is the situation
I've found worth a grave bug report? I just don't want to put some
pressure on the maintainer if there is some rough consensus such
"managed section" markers are good enough.

Fixing this then is none of by business. Still, having some ucf instead
of just writing the modified file should be enough.


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