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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:
    Steve> If this is for people doing out-of-archive builds who don't
    Steve> want to deal with failures from -Werror, I can see how having
    Steve> a single environment toggle is useful to them; but it doesn't
    Steve> seem useful to *Debian* when such out-of-archive rebuilds
    Steve> don't correspond to the official builds.  E.g. if they're
    Steve> test builds for new toolchains, knowing that the package
    Steve> *could* build, with options Debian doesn't actually use, is
    Steve> of limited use.  (If you build twice, once with once without
    Steve> and file bugs on packages where the results differ, I guess
    Steve> that's one use, but involves a lot of manual labor.)

In the general case I agree.
But we have the specific case of cross-bootstrapping.
They want to be able to do builds to bootstrap and they want to have an
option they can pass into the build to ask  debian/rules not to include

I suspect Helmut believes he can get patches accepted in the packages
where this is most important to honor the option.
Given his track record, I bet he's right.

So, we have a team in Debian wanting a interface sufficiently
standardized for them to do their work.
I think we have confidence that once we agree on a interface they can
produce appropriate consumers of the interface as well as
implementations of the interface.

I think we should have a high bar for standing in the way of this kind
of work.

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